Wood Stove Installation Tips – Easy Ways to Stay Warm and Safe

One of the greatest delights of any home, especially where the temperatures turn cold in sometimes is a delightful wood burning stove or fireplace. Not only are they beautiful to look at, whether they are in brick or masonry, with the addition of some accessories, they can be a centerpiece of the design of any home.

Wood stoves have been around seemingly forever and their designs have changed considerably over the years. They all used to look like pot-bellied or Franklin stoves but now many of the designs are quite modern. You can find some that are fabulously designed with custom doors or accessories like steamers or fans. It is easy now to find the customization that is prefect for almost any home stove repair los angeles.

These days through the miracle of modern technology, a beauty like the Napoleon 1100C Cast Iron EPA Wood Burning Stove shows why wood stoves have remained a traditional favorite even with the new technologies. The 1100C has a choice of 3 finishes, and coupled with a great bottom air feed and lined refractory firebox, you can get a great feeling of warmth beautifully and efficiently.

When you are starting your wood burning stove installation it’s a good idea to collect as many tips and design ideas as you can. Its important to have the right amount of clearance between the stove and the wall and the pipe and the wall. Safety is such a concern these days, and you don’t want to be taking any chances with your family or your home. Put together the supplies and parts you need before you begin the installation procedure and you will be able to avoid any last minute trips to the wood stove dealer store to grab anything you might need.

One of the things that many folks have a tendency to forget is that their new wood stove can only provide a certain amount of heat. Even though you might have studied the efficiency ratings of pellet stoves or forced air woodburning furnaces, you still need to get a stove that will provide enough heat for your home. The design of your home can factor into this because if you have an open floor plan the heated air will travel a lot more easily throughout your home.

When you do install your wood stove into your home, or have someone else do that task for you, it’s important to keep up the maintenance on your new stove. The biggest thing, of course, is to keep your wood stove clean. Take out the ashes, keep the top of your stove free from all objects, except if you have one of those steamers, and absolutely never use wet wood in your wood stove. Trying to burn wood that is too wet results in obnoxious amounts of smoke in your home and can quickly clog up your vent pipe. This is a situation which can turn deadly.

Make sure you follow your installation directions for your wood stove and follow the maintenance directions explicitly. This way you can stay safe and stay warm at the same time.

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