Pressure Washer Options for Car Detailing Businesses

Car detailing machines should be high capacity, high quality, and durable. They should increase productivity while reducing risks of harm to the vehicles or the operators. Additionally, car detailing pressure washers should be able to reduce costs and waste to help businesses save more.

When buying car detailing pressure washers, the buyer is faced with many options. Here is a list of what these options are and how to select equipment that suits your requirements samsung washer repair pasadena.

Pressure Level

The pressure level is one of the most important factors when choosing pressure washers for car detailing. While intuitive thinking suggests higher pressure levels result in better cleaning, this is not true in all instances. Car detailing, for example, requires cleaning dirt from car exteriors without damaging the surface. Scratched paint is one of the results of using car detailing machines with very high pressure levels. Ideally, pressure washers for auto detailing should have pressure levels between 700 and 1500 psi to provide the best cleaning without harming the vehicle.


Investing in a hot water or steam pressure washer is a smart idea, particularly as these machines offer more powerful cleaning than simple cold water pressure washers. Hot water temperatures can be as high as 330°F.

Hot water pressure washers remove grease and accumulated dirt that unheated machines cannot. Heat breaks down the chemical bonds between dirt molecules, and the dissolved dirt is washed away with the powerful water spray. Plant sap, bugs, chewing gum, grease, carbon black, and a variety of road grime are washed away once hot water is used in the cleaning process.

You can invest in machines that generate 100% wet steam, which have moderate pressure levels, and combined with the high temperature of steam, remove grime fast and effectively. Such car detailing pressure washers are more effective than steam cleaners for cleaning car exteriors as they do not require scrubbing, which often scratches paint.

Flow Rate

Usually, car pressure washers have flow rates of 1 to 5 GPM. However, these flow rates are unsustainable if you are working in an area with water scarcity. Mobile car wash equipment is helpful when transported to work on locations facing water use restrictions. Purchase low flow car pressure washer for saving water and reducing the cost of water disposal. These car wash machines have flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM. They reduce the risk of fines resulting from improper water capture and disposal because there is less water input in the process.


Mobile car wash equipment should be easy to transport. This is possible only if the machines can be secularly fitted on trailers. These car pressure washers should be compact in order to save space on the mobile car wash station. Non-mobile car wash businesses can choose either mobile car wash equipment or stationary car wash machines.

Car detailing pressure washers commonly run on electricity. However, many car detailers, particularly mobile detailing businesses, may use gas, diesel, or propane-powered machines to deal with electricity supply problems.

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